BT PSTN Switch-Off Deadline Extended: Time to Prepare for the Digital Future

BT PSTN Switch-Off Deadline Extended Time to Prepare for the Digital Future

BT has recently announced an extension to the deadline for the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch-off. The original date of December 2025 has been pushed back to January 2027, giving individuals and businesses an extra 13 months to transition to digital phone lines.

While this extension provides additional time, it’s crucial to start planning and making the switch sooner rather than later. The PSTN is being phased out in favour of more advanced digital networks, and relying on outdated technology could lead to communication disruptions and security vulnerabilities.

One key area to prioritise is the monitoring of your alarm systems. Updating these systems to be compatible with digital networks now ensures their continued functionality after the PSTN switch-off. This proactive step safeguards the fire safety and security of your property.

By taking action now, you can ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the new digital future. Contact Regis Fire Protection to discuss available options and begin the process of upgrading your phone lines and alarm systems.