Fire Extinguishers Services / Installations


Discover Our Comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Solutions

Explore a diverse range of fire extinguisher services we provide, including:

  • Survey
  • Supply
  • Commission
  • Installation
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Fire safety signs
  • Ancillary equipment

Rest easy knowing that we source top-tier fire extinguishers from leading European manufacturers, ensuring optimal installation tailored to your specific business needs. Every extinguisher in our inventory bears the BS EN3:1996 kite mark, attesting to its adherence to the highest quality standards.

Moreover, we maintain a comprehensive site asset register for all locations, detailing equipment types and their new/test dates. This invaluable resource is accessible to all our clients upon request.

To delve deeper into our extensive range of fire extinguisher services, kindly navigate through the dedicated pages within this section.

Survey, Supply, Commission & Installation

We conduct surveys, supply, commission, and install a variety of fire extinguishers suitable for all types of businesses and buildings. Our installations feature high-quality equipment sourced from leading manufacturers in Europe, ensuring the most appropriate setup for your specific business and usage.

You can have peace of mind knowing that all our work complies with British Standards, including BS5306-3:2009 and BS5306-8:2012, ensuring the highest level of safety and regulatory compliance.


The Installation Process

Stage 1 - Survey

The initial step in dealing with fire extinguishers involves conducting a comprehensive site survey. This survey serves to pinpoint particular fire hazards and gather data on floor area dimensions, enabling us to provide accurate guidance.

Whether you require assistance for a fresh installation, alterations, or an expansion in an existing structure, our team is well-equipped to assist you.

After a thorough evaluation of your requirements by one of our specialists in accordance with the latest British Standards, we proceed to formulate a proposal and quotation. These documents outline the optimal solutions available to fulfil your needs while also considering your budget constraints.

Stage 2 - Supply

A diverse selection of portable fire extinguishers is at your disposal, contingent on the specific location and intended use. We provide top-notch equipment sourced from industry-leading manufacturers, ranging from standard models to specialised extinguishers.

For a comprehensive list of available fire extinguisher types, please refer to our "Fire Extinguisher Types" section. Regardless of the nature of the fire risk, we are well-prepared to deploy the appropriate extinguishing equipment to address the situation effectively.

Stage 3 - Commissioning

Following the selection of your equipment, our certified technicians proceed with the commissioning process. It's worth noting that commissioning portable fire extinguishers is mandated by British Standards. Only after this crucial step is completed, will we proceed with the installation of the necessary equipment.

Upon the successful conclusion of the fire extinguisher commissioning process, we will furnish you with a commissioning certificate, serving as official documentation of the task's completion.

Stage 4 - Installation

Our team of experienced and fully accredited technicians will seamlessly install your new equipment, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. Our installation work consistently adheres to the most stringent standards, guaranteeing a high-quality outcome.

In addition to our primary offerings, we also provide a selection of complementary fire extinguisher products, such as stands and trolleys.

After the installation process is completed, we will meticulously compile an asset register that comprehensively documents essential information, including equipment locations, types, and new/test dates. This valuable resource is readily accessible to all our customers upon request.



Upon the successful commissioning and installation of your new equipment, we extend a variety of fire extinguisher maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs.

Our fire extinguisher services adhere meticulously to the pertinent British Codes of Practice, executed by our team of extensively trained and proficient technicians.

Furthermore, we offer maintenance services for a broader spectrum of fire safety systems, including dry & wet rising mains, fire hydrants, fire doors, fire alarm systems, and emergency lighting, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your safety needs.