Regis Fire Protection Secures New National Account and Looks to the Future!


Regis Fire Protection (RFP) is thrilled to announce our latest national account win! This exciting partnership kicks off on June 1st, 2024, and will see us providing fire safety services to a rapidly growing national retailer with 60 Pawn Brokerage stores across the UK.

Keeping Their Stores Safe:

Through this collaboration, Regis Fire Protection will be responsible for the crucial tasks of:

  • Fire extinguisher servicing and installation: Ensuring all extinguishers are in proper working order for immediate fire response.
  • Emergency lighting servicing: Maintaining reliable backup lighting in case of power outages, guaranteeing safe evacuation during emergencies.
  • Fire alarm servicing: Keeping fire alarms functioning flawlessly for early fire detection and occupant safety.

Growth and Acquisitions:

We’re not stopping there! Regis Fire Protection is actively engaged in discussions for two potential acquisitions within the fire safety sector. This strategic move reflects our commitment to continuous expansion and exceptional service delivery.

Fire Safety Industry Collaboration:

The fire safety industry thrives on collaboration. If you have any knowledge of potential acquisition targets or upcoming fire safety projects, we encourage you to reach out to Richard or Ian P. at Regis Fire Protection.

Future Fire Protection Services:

Regis Fire Protection is gaining momentum as the workload for our knowledgeable technicians grows across the country. Our commitment lies in offering comprehensive fire safety solutions to companies of all kinds, guaranteeing the security of their employees and clients.

Get in touch with Regis Fire Protection right now to discuss your unique fire protection needs or to receive a free fire safety consultation!